Want to know whether a candidate that matches your hiring criteria has just gone live on OfferZen? We’ve given you that ability by creating a feature for setting up alerts when particular candidates appear in your list. Do you want to save a set of filters that you can reuse next time you search the list? Now you can :)

You can use saved searches and alerts to make finding candidates easier and faster. Set up filters on the candidate list to create a profile of the type of candidate you’re looking for. When you’re done, click on the ‘Save Current Filter’ button in the right panel.  On the popup, you’ll need to give your saved search a name. We suggest naming it according to the job role you are trying to fill, for example, “Senior Frontend Developer”. 

 You can also check the box for setting up an alert if you’re interested in getting a daily email on new candidates on the platform. Find your saved search under the ‘Save Current Filter’ button, and click on it when you want to apply your saved filters.

 When you’ve filled the role and you want to delete an email alert or the saved search, you will be able to cancel it either in the emails you receive or on the delete button on the saved search panel.

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