How to reach out to a developer

Once you’ve found a developer you like, request an interview with them by filling in the “Interview Request” panel next to their profile page. This is how all communication on OfferZen starts.

Interview requests include the job role you’re looking to fill, a salary amount, whether equity is on the table and lastly, a personal message.

Adding a job 

If this is your first interview request, you’ll need to create a job. Simply add a job title, location and job description. To make your life easier, for future interview requests you’ll be able to select the job you added from the drop down menu.

Keep in mind, the jobs you add on OfferZen are only visible to developers when you send them an interview request; OfferZen is not a job board!

What’s this salary amount in the interview request?

After adding the job, you’ll need to add a salary amount to the interview request.

The salary in an interview request is a non-binding amount, that simply ensures both parties are speaking in the same ballpark and not wasting each other’s time. The final offer amount is still negotiable between you and the developer. 

Preferred salary

You’ll see that each developer has a preferred salary on their profile. We help developers choose this number, and base it on what they are currently earning as well as the market related salaries for their skill set.

Competing interview requests

You’ll be able to view the salary amounts of competing interview requests. If a developer has competing interview requests they will be displayed under the salary amount in the interview requests panel. The amounts here indicate the salary level at which other companies are willing to speak to a dev. 

Interview request message

We find what works well is if you introduce yourself, indicate you’ve read the dev’s profile and that you are interested in speaking to him or her. 

Now that you’re done, click Send Interview Request

I’ve sent the interview request, now what?

Once you send the interview request the developer will receive an email, and should respond to you within 48 hours.

Don’t be afraid to send a couple of of interview requests, seeing that not every interview request will result in a hire.

To find out what happens once a developer responds to your interview request, check out this guide.

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