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Once you’ve found a developer you like you can request an interview with them.

When a developer receives your interview request they’ll see a link to your OfferZen company profile, the upfront salary, the job and its location, as well as your personal message.

Personal messages matter

Writing a personal message in your interview requests will dramatically improve the chance developers accept your requests.

How to structure your messages

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Talk about what your company does, and what you’re looking for
  3. Explain why you are interested in interviewing them

We suggest creating a template message that you can customise slightly each time you send an request.

If you’d like some help creating the template just reach out to us and we’ll help you out.

After you've sent an interview request

Developers on OfferZen are very responsive and you’ll find that most respond within 24-48hrs.

Once a developer responds to your request you’ll be able to chat to them using our messaging system.

You’ll also be able to schedule an interview with them directly from messaging.

How upfront salary works?

Companies are required to propose an upfront salary amount when sending interview requests. This is completely non-binding, and actual employment offers are still negotiable. Developers are briefed on what the upfront salary means and know that it's non-binding.

Hire with insight

Preferred salary

You’ll see that each developer has a preferred salary on their profile. We help developers choose this number, and base it on what they are currently earning as well as the market related salaries for their skill set.

Competing offers

You’ll be able to see interview requests from other companies, including the upfront salary amount.

This gives you transparency into the hiring market, so you can determine if your salaries are market related.

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