Write your summary for candidates

This is your chance to tell candidates why they’d want to join your company. When writing the summary, keep in mind you’re writing for tech talent. Don’t be afraid to get technical.

Tech candidates want to know the following:

  • Company culture & core values

  • What they’ll be building

  • Process (e.g. release cycles)

  • Opportunities for learning & growth

  • Your interview process

Let candidate know what to expect

Describe your interview process upfront to set expectations, creating a smooth and enjoyable interview process:

  • Number of rounds and how they will be conducted i.e. phone call, video Skype or on-site interviews

  • Skill tests or assessments that need to be completed

  • Major milestones or key people they will meet


What cool extras do you offer candidates at your company? It can sometimes be tricky to think of perks. We’ve found it’s easiest if you consider other companies and what they offer. For instance, many companies have a strict 9am to 5pm work day, but if you have more flexible hours then list those.

Here are some perks that we’ve found candidates care about:

  • Flexible Hours

  • Remote Working

  • Choose your own computer

  • Good coffee

  • Parking bay

  • Flexible Leave Policy

  • No Dress Code

  • Free snacks and drinks

  • Medical aid plan

  • Catered daily lunch

Look at other company profiles

If you need some inspiration and want to check out other company profiles you can view the list of all the companies currently hiring on OfferZen.

Elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch will be displayed on the list of companies hiring on OfferZen. Try keep this to the description to a single paragraph.

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