We want to help you make your OfferZen profile look awesome. To help you do that we’ll send a professional photographer to take photos of your office and team. It’s completely free :)

How do I apply?

If your company has been accepted to OfferZen you’re eligible for a free photo shoot. You just need to let us know and we’ll send our photographer around to your offices.

Preparing for the photoshoot

Before the photo shoot you need to let us know the following:

  • Point of contact for the day - Someone who is happy to help the photographer wrangle the team into photos
  • Parking information - The photographer needs to know where they need to park.

On the day

The photographer will try to capture the “vibe” of your office, so it’s important that your team is at the office during the shoot.

There’s no need to spruce up the office for the photo shoot - it’s the photographer's job to make your office look awesome.

The photo shoots usually last around an hour. The photographer will try to avoid being disruptive to the work environment, but will likely ask a few people to pose in photos.

Uploading the photos

Your photos should be ready within a week and you choose which ones you want to upload to your OfferZen profile.

Is it really free?

Yes, the photo shoot is free. It's our way of saying thank you for being part of OfferZen.

Terms and conditions

  • The resulting photos are owned by both your company and OfferZen.
  • Your company is welcome to use the photos for any purposes.
  • It might happen that the photographer takes a photo of a sensitive piece of information. In that case you can let us know and we’ll delete the photo.
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