Searching for candidates on OfferZen doesn't have to be a high effort task. Here are two tips to help you use the candidate list smartly.

Shortlist candidates by favouriting them

You can use the "Favourite" feature on the candidate list to quickly shortlist candidates you're interested in looking at in more detail, bring to your hiring team's attention, or get their opinions about candidates before reaching out to them.

Note that candidates do not get notified if you favourite them.

Leverage the power of positions by favouriting candidates for a specific position by clicking on the down arrow on the favourites button and selecting the relevant position.

You can find candidates you and your hiring team have favourited in the "Favourites" list, available in the main menu.

Manage high volumes of candidates by hiding

If you’d like to remove a candidate from appearing on your list, you can use the "Hide" feature. The candidate will then be moved to your "Hidden" list and will no longer appear in your main candidate list. This is really useful for cleaning up your list so that you don't spend time viewing candidates you've already decided not to reach out to.

You can view your hidden candidates by clicking on the checkbox in the filter bar that says 'Show hidden candidates'. Candidates that you have previously hidden will appear in the list with a "Hidden" label.

You can always bring hidden candidates back to your main list by clicking the "Unhide" button.

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