How to narrow your search

Search for candidates by applying filters to the list to get you can quickly get talking to great matches. 

You can filter on:

  • Salary range
  • Suburbs the candidates are willing  to work in
  • Desired roles
  • Overall Years Work Experience
  • Salary bracket
  • Multiple keyword search, like ‘machine-learning’ and salary brackets 
  • Years experience per role, for example: 6-10 years in .Net experience

Don’t be afraid to play around with filters. If you log on at least twice a week and apply a few filters you can be sure to keep up to date with the latest talent on OfferZen.

To find out more about managing the candidate list by “favouriting” and “hiding” candidates, be sure to check out this guide.


You should create a Position for each unique role your hiring for. 

Our new Positions feature allows you to easily manage your job specification, search criteria, and hiring team for a specific role in one convenient place

By using a Position you will:

Gain access to Position analytics - track you success rates, the number of candidates you’ve reached out to and your hiring success rate, and many more.

Save your search criteria - Define your search criteria once-off and you’ll be able to search our list with a single click when you log in.

Receive daily alerts for your hiring team - You can define the hiring team for each Position and receive daily alerts on any new candidates matching your saved criteria. 

Easily attach a job specification when you reach out - Define your job specification and we’ll automatically send it to every candidate you contact on OfferZen using that Position.

Keep in mind that your Positions will not be visible anywhere publicly, no one will apply directly to it. You will need to send it along with an Interview Request to any candidates you're interested in.

All positions saved by your company will be visible from your dashboard, from here you will be able to gather insights on your hiring progress for each positions. Get metrics how many hires you’ve made, number of interview requests sent, and your accept to decline ratio. 

You can also edit positions from your dashboard, you can edit the general settings and filtering, for example: how many openings you have, the job spec and filtering.

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