Once you’ve clicked “Send Interview Request” the candidate will be notified via email and should respond within 48 hours.

They’ll receive all the information you included in the interview request, as well as a link to your company profile on OfferZen. They can then either accept or decline the interview request. 

My interview request was declined

If the candidate declines your interview request, be sure to check out the reason they provided. Unfortunately, this is usually the end of the conversation with that particular candidate.

My interview request was accepted

Congratulations! If a candidate accepts your interview request, you’ll be able to chat with them by making use of the messaging function. Bear in mind, you don’t have to wait for us at OfferZen to do anything; you’re speaking to the person directly right from the start. 

Scheduling an interview

Once both you and the candidate have agreed to set up an interview, make use of the scheduling feature at the bottom of the screen on your interview requests menu to create a calendar event for the interview.

Simply make use of the date picker to select a date for the interview to take place. The candidate would already have indicated which dates and times he or she is available to interview - this makes it super smooth for setting up an interview without back and forth messages about availability.

Let the candidate know whether the interview will take place in person, telephonically or via Skype or Google Hangout.

Remember, responsiveness is the name of the game when hiring. Stay in touch with the candidate throughout your hiring process.

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