We’re looking for developers with the ability to write great code in real-world settings.

You can apply to OfferZen by signing up and we'll let you know if you're a fit for what companies are looking for. There are 500+ companies on OfferZen and they're looking for a wide variety of experience and skills. 

Generally speaking, we're looking out for the following when we review applicants...

  • Wants to code as a major part of their job.

  • Is passionate about programming: involved in dev communities, constantly learning and producing code.

  • Strong education that involved applied programming or a great backstory of how you got into coding if you are self taught.

  • Great work experience: worked in a professional environment in a team of developers and wrote lot's of code.

To get an idea of what we're looking for in applicant profiles you can have a look at the following articles: Example Developer Profile and Create a kick ass developer profile.

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