Companies do not bid for candidates on OfferZen

There is no requirement for companies to match or exceed previous offers made by other companies on OfferZen.

Companies on OfferZen must make an upfront salary offer when reaching out to candidates that are live on OfferZen. This amount is usually based on skills, work experience, and education - as well as the desired salary.

Companies on OfferZen are able to see the number of upfront offers a candidate has received and the amounts of those offers. However, they're not able to see which other companies made those offers.

Upfront offers are negotiable

The upfront offers that companies make are not final. They can be negotiated during interviews. Your Talent Advisor can help you to negotiate a salary if you need guidance.

Companies generally reach out at the expected salary, if they think a candidate is a fit for them and they can afford the amount. 

If there is something special about the candidate's skills such as experience with a specific technology, language or industry, a company may reach out at a higher amount.

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