We know that quitting a job can be scary. 

If you're new to this, you've probably agreed to join a new company and are wondering how to make a simple exit from your current company. 

Typically, you would resign from your job by submitting a resignation letter to your boss or HR manager. This may seem like a lot of effort, but most employers require it as part of the resignation process to prove that you’re leaving voluntarily.

So what do you include in your resignation letter?

  • A friendly introduction, letting your company know that you'll be resigning from your current position

  • A short "thank you" for the opportunity to learn during your time there

  • The date of your last day and the notice you are giving (usually subject to the notice period in your employment contract)

Pro Tip - Try to leave your current job on a good note:

  • Be calm and professional when you tell your boss you’re leaving, and everything should go smoothly after that.

  • Don't use your resignation letter as a chance for you to rant about why you’re unhappy with your job and have decided to leave. 

  • Communicate a positive message, thank your boss for your time spent learning at your current company and mention that you’re excited for your new challenge.

  • Don’t burn bridges. Make sure that any projects you may be leaving behind are covered so that your team isn't left in the lurch once you've left.

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