Leanne is a fictional character.

Your profile

Make sure you upload a clear profile picture and all the content provided is accurate and up to date.

Link as many online profiles as you can. As a UI designer make sure to link to an online portfolio - this can be Dribbble, Behance or your personal website.


This section helps companies learn more about who you are as an individual and as a designer. Talk about what you enjoy, how you have progressed and where you see yourself. Use this section to really express yourself, it can help you stand out.

Roles I’m interested in

Add the roles you're interested in pursuing in your next job. 


Add a few skills that will make your profile stand out. Think of what you are good at and the programs you use.

Work History

Write a detailed description of your work, and mention the programs and tools you have used. Write as if you’re explaining to someone in an interview.



This is a really important section for UI Designers. UI Design is a visual role, so make sure to showcase your best work by adding a few images. Show variety and remember to write a short description. 

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