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A guide for making a profile that gets interview requests.

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You can view an example of a great profile here.

Your profile is what companies see before requesting an interview with you on OfferZen. This is your opportunity to highlight your unique experiences, skills, and personality.

In almost all cases a technical manager will be reviewing your OfferZen profile. It’s extremely important to explain what your technical skills are.

To make building your profile as easy and fast as possible, our CV parser will import the info from over 13 different supported formats including HTML, PDF and Word.

Profile Picture

It’s important to have a well-lit picture of yourself. Yes, even a selfie will do. The photo does not have to be especially formal, but avoid sunglasses or looking intoxicated.

Social media and personal sites

We suggest that you add a few social media profiles if you've got them. If you're only going to add one then include LinkedIn.

You'll stand out more if you include links to code you've written. The easiest way of sharing code would be to link your Github or StackOverflow accounts.


Tell people about yourself and summarize your development experience. What’s your story? How did you get into coding? What are you passionate about?

How do you continuously improve your skills? Describe the coding projects you’re doing outside of work, online courses you’re busy with, books you’ve read, or meetups you attend. Don’t just say you read books and attend meetups.

Ideal next job

Companies take this seriously so be clear about what you want to do next. Avoid vague statements like “I’m looking for a challenge”.

Rather describe the types of challenges you’re looking for: What languages do you want to code in? What sorts of things do you want to build? What role do you want to play in a team?

Work experience

Technical managers want to know what you’ve actually built. While our CV parser will add all the basic work history details from your CV, it’s worthwhile writing a detailed technical description of your work i.e. mention the languages and tools you have used.

Write a detailed technical description of your work, and mention the languages and tools you have used. Write as if you’re explaining your work to another developer.

Don’t leave gaps in your work history. If at some point you weren’t working as a developer that’s okay. It’s better to have a complete record of your career than to have gaps in your work history.


Make sure to add your complete education history, including High School and Tertiary education. If you don’t have a degree you can add any certifications you’ve done. The CV parser will import your education history from your CV. However, if you omitted certain aspects of your education, it’s a good idea to go back and add these in to create a complete education history.

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