Tips to make your employer profile standout

Tips and recommendations to make your profile attractive to candidates on OfferZen

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Your employer profile is a great opportunity to stand out to candidates and attract the candidates you’re looking for. To edit your profile go to More > Profile.

Your profile will be visible in our company directory. Candidates often browse our directory to get a sense of what companies are hiring and what they have to offer.

Here are our top tips for making sure your profile is ticking all the right boxes.

Add an elevator pitch

This is the first impression to people browsing OfferZen companies will get of your company, and to candidates who receive messages from you. Try to keep this description to a single paragraph, but make it impactful. Change your elevator pitch by clicking on Edit in your “About” section.

Write your summary for software engineers

When writing the summary, keep in mind you’re writing for a technical audience.

Software engineers want to know the following:

  • Company culture and core values

  • What the company is building

  • Technical process and ways of working

  • Opportunities for learning and growth

  • Your hiring process

Manage candidate expectations in your summary

To create a smooth and enjoyable interview process, describe your interview process upfront:

  • The stages of the interview process, and how long it usually takes

  • What the technical assessment looks like (if any)

  • The team members they will meet

  • What you’ll be looking for throughout

  • How they can make a good first impression with you

List your perks

What cool extras do you offer candidates at your company? It can sometimes be tricky to think of perks. We’ve found it’s easiest if you consider other companies and what they offer, then see how you differ.

Some of the perks that we’ve found candidates care about include flexible hours, parking bays, good coffee, a medical aid plan, and free snacks.

Show off what working at your company looks like

Being clear on what tech stack candidates can expect to work with helps them determine whether they would be a good match up front.

More personalised touches like photos from company events, links to more information about the company, or more information about how you work together as a team, can also make a big difference in how your profile stands out.

Look at other company profiles

If you need some inspiration and want to check out other company profiles, here are some companies that have created stand-out profiles:

More resources

Read more here on crafting a standout employee value proposition (EVP), backed by data on what resonates with developers.

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