Woop! You've signed an offer and will soon be starting the next adventure in your career, now what? 

Here’s what you need to do next: Wrap things up with all the companies you're still chatting to, letting them know that you've accepted another offer and you'll no longer be looking for work. That includes any pending interview requests. If you're currently working, resign from your job by handing in a resignation letter to your boss or HR manager. If you’re new to this, read our guide on how to quit your job like a boss. Keep in touch with your new company - be proactive about finding out more about them. Chat to your new hiring manager about things you can do during your notice period to prepare for your first day.

When you start your new job, we'll be sending you an awesome gift* to say congratulations and thanks for using OfferZen. Our mission is to help grow SA's tech ecosystem, and helping you find a great job is a step in the direction of making that happen.

*Note for candidates going live after 9 December 2019 the signing bonus changed from cash to a gift. While cash as a bonus added incremental value to individuals, we decided to rather focus on initiatives and products that continuously add value to the community as a whole, such as our MERGE conferences and OfferZen Foundation. This is in line with OfferZen's broader mission to make SA a great place to be in tech.

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