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How currency conversion works on OfferZen
How currency conversion works on OfferZen

How salary expectations are added and converted on OfferZen

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You will see candidates' preferred salaries in your currency of choice. To see a candidate’s salary expectations in the original currency they specified, simply hover over the salary to see the currency converting.

How candidates are prompted to input salary:

  • Depending on the region of their preferred locations for in-office or hybrid work. Talent Advisors will ensure that the candidate has set a salary for those locations’ regions. For example, ZAR when they select South African cities and EUR when they select EU cities

  • When candidates select that they want to work remotely, we don’t require them to specify a preferred salary in a currency different from their own region.

When candidates don’t set salary expectations for a particular currency, we calculate a salary for that currency from the candidate’s “primary” currency (their region’s currency)

Note: Exchange rates used are 7-day rolling averages, which are updated on a weekly basis. This might cause slight variations in the salary week on week.

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