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How to collaborate successfully with your Account Manager
How to collaborate successfully with your Account Manager

Your Account Manager is here to help you win – make the most out of this collaboration

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With data-backed tech industry knowledge and insider information on new and upcoming candidates, your Account Manager can add a lot of value to your hiring process. Every Account Manager has helped hundreds of companies hire on OfferZen and here’s how you can optimise your relationship with them:

Join the kick-off call. This gives you and your Account Manager the chance to get to know one another and understand exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate. They can also explain how to get the most out of OfferZen, how to navigate the platform, and how reaching out to candidates works.

Haven’t had a kick-off call yet? Get your Account Manager’s details at the bottom of your Positions tab to book one.

Schedule recurring meetings to monitor your candidate pipeline and align on whether you are on track for your hiring calls and how your Account Manager can best assist you with pipeline management.

Give feedback on candidate profiles so their recommendations will be more tailored to your needs. You can do this via email, team notes, or during your recurring chat with your Account Manager.

Reach out if you need specific expertise with designing or improving your hiring process, your initial message, or overall use of the platform. You can also request market and role-specific insights to make sure you’re competitive in the market.

Ask about our ecosystem partners that help teams with onboarding remote talent, technical assessments, relocating and so much more. View them all here.

Integrate with your Applicant Tracking System so that candidates who accept your interview requests will automatically be sent to your ATS. Learn how here.

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