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How to remove coworkers from your account
How to remove coworkers from your account

Easily remove a team member from your OfferZen account

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Teams change: People’s responsibilities change, they are moved on to other missions, or they leave the team. To ensure only relevant people in your team have access to OfferZen, it’s important to remember to delete these team members from OfferZen.

To remove a team member:

  1. Choose More > Team

  2. Click on the setting wheel next to the team member you'd like to remove

  3. Click Delete member

Once you delete a team member, their data gets reassigned to the first member added as an Admin to your OfferZen account. The data that’s reassigned includes:

  • Interview details (eg. interview type, day, and time)

  • Positions

  • Interview requests

  • Interview messages

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