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How to search candidates on OfferZen
How to search candidates on OfferZen

Optimise your searches to find your best matches on OfferZen

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Setting up your search criteria

Search by 'Located in'

Search for candidates according to where they are based – down to the suburb.

For example, search for candidates within:

  • A city or suburb if you’re looking for candidates to work in-office or for candidates that can commute.

  • A country, province, or county if you’re looking for candidates to work in a hybrid-remote setup

One or more countries if you’re looking for fully remote candidates or candidates for relocation

Search by 'Remote policy'

Search for candidates according to where they would like to work and their preferred remote policy.

Select your company’s remote policy and the cities in which you’re looking to hire candidates for that policy.

When you select 100% remote, we assume it doesn’t matter where the candidate is located, so you won’t be able to specify a location.

Search by 'Work authorisation'

Search for candidates based on their citizenship or work authorisation. Choose which countries and work authorisation statuses you’re looking for.

For example, if you're looking for candidates who are authorised to work in the EU, you could search for citizens, permanent residents, and work permit holders across all EU countries.

Search by 'Roles'

Use the primary areas of work to find and select the roles that are relevant to your hiring needs. You can find the complete list of roles we support here.

Your results will include candidates that match any or all of the roles you specify.

Search by 'Skills'

Search for candidates according to your ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ skills. Skills include languages, databases, frameworks, tools, processes and methodologies.

Candidates will only be included in the results if they match at least 1 of the ‘must have’ skills. We recommend limiting your ‘must have’ skills to a maximum of 5 to avoid hyper-specific searches.

Candidates matching ‘nice to have’ skills will appear higher on the list.

Search by 'Experience'

Set your experience range based on the overall years of work experience you would like the candidate to have. Your Account Manager can help you determine an appropriate range for your needs.

Search by 'Salary'

Set a salary range that best matches your budget. Your Account Manager can also help you benchmark competitive salaries for the roles you’re hiring for.

Search by 'Keywords'

The keyword search looks for matching terms across the entire candidate profile, including the skills in candidates' work experience entries.

Use keywords to look for, for example, candidates that have unique or niche skills that are not available in the other search criteria.

The keyword search will include candidates that match any or all of the keywords you enter.

Note: The search uses exact phrasing and is not case-sensitive.

Tip: You can use this to search for anything. Many of our customers use it to search for candidates:

  • By name

  • That have worked at a particular company

  • With a specific degree or with qualifications from a particular institution

  • That are available immediately

Filtering & sorting the candidate list

Filtering by new this week

Select the 'New candidates only' filter to focus on the newest candidates on the platform each week.

Sorting the list

You can sort the list using the following options to make it easier for you to find the right candidate:

  • Relevance

  • Salary (high to low)

  • Salary (low to high)

  • Experience (most to least)

  • Experience (least to most)

By default, the sort is set to 'Relevance' ensuring that candidates who best match your search criteria are at the top of the list.

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