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How to add a team member to your account
How to add a team member to your account

Adding team members and assigning roles

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On OfferZen, you get an unlimited number of seats, so you can collaborate with your entire hiring team more easily.

You can add colleagues to your OfferZen account by going to More > Team > Add Member.

Admin vs Reviewer

You’ll be prompted to select the role permission of the new team member. They can either be an Admin or a Reviewer.

Admin users can view salary information and send interview requests. They can also add and remove team members. Pick this role for team members who will be sending interview requests and arranging interviews.

Reviewers have limited access: They can view candidate profiles, but can’t view salary information and can’t send interview requests. This is particularly useful for adding members who are involved in the technical vetting of profiles.

Once you click Send invite, your colleague will receive an email that they can use to sign up. Note that this link expires after 60 days for security reasons.

To remove a team member, check out this guide.

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