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How do I set my salary on OfferZen?

How developers can set their expected salary on their profiles.

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After being accepted on OfferZen, you can complete your profile and set your expected salary. This amount will be visible on your profile, and companies will reach out with upfront salary info for roles — so you can decide whether it fits your needs.

It’s really important that you set an expected salary you would seriously consider accepting, and which you can justify based on your experience. To help you do this, check out this guide.

The salary amount is non-binding and final offers are negotiable with companies during interviews. That said, companies have the expectation that you’ve thought carefully about the amount on your profile and that you’d be willing to accept that salary. Therefore, have good reasons for negotiation to back you up before starting that conversation.

When it comes to negotiating a job offer, your Talent Advisor will be able to guide you and give you helpful advice. You can also read a more detailed guide on understanding and negotiating your job offer here:

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