How does OfferZen curate candidates?

Companies: How does OfferZen vet talent?

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Hundreds of candidates apply to OfferZen on a weekly basis. Every day, our team reviews applicants and only accepts those who pass our curation criteria.

We curate candidates on two things: Quality and intent (looking for work). Every candidate goes through this process and has to speak to a human being before they can be listed on OfferZen.

  1. To ensure quality, our team curates candidates by:

    • Using an AI powered algorithm to score how likely the candidate is to be placed on OfferZen, based on their work history, education and tech skills.

    • Checking the available positions on OfferZen for each developer who signs up.

    • Matching each accepted candidate with a Talent Advisor who helps them get ready for the next for the next round of new candidates.

  2. To ensure intent (readiness to move jobs), each developer has a welcome call with their personal Talent Advisor.

    During this call their Talent Advisor does the following:

  • Checks for any indication that the candidate is not actually ready to change jobs.

  • Reviews their profiles to ensure that they are up to OfferZen standard.

  • Explains that candidates are required to respond to requests to interview from companies within 48 hours.

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