How to schedule an interview on OfferZen

Set up interviews and leave interview feedback directly on OfferZen

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Once both you and the candidate have agreed to set up an interview, you can use the scheduling feature to create a calendar event for the interview.

If the candidate has already specified their availability on OfferZen, you can pick a date and time from their calendar. If the candidate’s availability is missing, you can select your preferred date and time for the interview.

This makes it easier to set up an interview without messages back and forth about availability.

Let the candidate know whether the interview will take place in person, telephonically, on a video call, or Skype.

Remember, responsiveness should be a priority when hiring. Stay in touch with the candidate throughout your hiring process – even when you don’t have an update! A candidate knowing that you’re thinking of them can make all the difference.

Leave feedback on an interview scheduled on OfferZen

After the interview you scheduled on OfferZen takes place, you will receive an email to leave feedback on that interview.

This feedback will be visible in your Messages view, so your team and your Account Manager can also access it.

Note: Only the member who scheduled the interview receives the email and can leave feedback on the interview.

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