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Everything you need to know about your company logo and cover image

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Your company logo

Your company logo will display in two places:

Make sure you upload a logo file that is high resolution and will not pixelate when scaled. We highly recommend using a png file without a background to avoid a block over your cover image.

For the list you’ll be able to select a background colour from your about section:

  • Make sure your logo and background colour are not too similar.

  • Choose a colour that compliments your logo.

Setting up your cover image:

  • Upload a high-resolution image, preferably 1920 x 800px.

  • Do not include your logo on your cover image, this will create a duplicate.

  • Keep in mind that images are cropped automatically and will scale with different screen sizes.

  • If you’re designing your image, place the important elements that you want to be seen in the middle.

  • A bold photo with not a lot of detail or simple patterns work best.

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