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Why was my profile rejected?
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The OfferZen team checks profiles before they are accepted to the OfferZen platform. This is so that we can ensure that anyone searching for work on OfferZen will have relevant opportunities available to them.

Common reasons your profile may be rejected include:

  • You are not actively looking for a job (you have no intention to change roles within the next couple of months)

  • You are looking for a short-term contract or part-time work rather than permanent positions or contracts of at least 3 months

  • You are still a student and your graduation date is not in the short-term future, meaning you’re not eligible for most full-time positions

  • You do not reside in the countries where OfferZen operates

  • Your skills and/or experience do not line up with what companies on OfferZen are currently looking for

If the reason why your profile is rejected is no longer applicable, you can update your profile and re-submit for review. However, depending on the reason your profile is rejected, you might have to wait through a cool-off period before re-submitting for a certain amount of time, between 1 and 6 months.

You can also contact to find out more about the specifics around your rejection.

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