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Q2 2023 release notes

AI-generated company profiles, support to new ATSs, workplace policy search, and more...

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June 2023

  • Introduced support to new Applicant Tracking Systems

    • Company members can now connect OfferZen to SmartRecruiters and Workday

  • Launched AI company profiles creation

    • AI automatically populates company profiles

  • Simplified search by introducing tech-agnostic roles

May 2023

  • New cities in Germany

    • Company members and candidates can now select 4 new cities in Germany

  • Improved position dashboard for company members

  • Improved sign-up process for company members

  • Improved interview invites with candidates' phone numbers

    • Company members can now access phone numbers when sending an interview invite

April 2023

  • Search by preferred workplace policy

    • Company members can now search by candidates' workplace policy (Office-based, Hybrid, 100% remote).

    • Company members now only get candidates that have experience in the searched skills

  • Improved interview invites with custom titles

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