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How to prep for an interview on OfferZen
How to prep for an interview on OfferZen
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Once you have accepted an interview request and set up a time to interview with a company, it’s important to focus on putting your best foot forward in the interview and learning everything you need to know about the role you’re applying for.

Here are our tips for successful interview prep. Remember that your TA is also there to guide you through the process and help you prepare, so reach out to them if you’re unsure of anything.

Do your research:

  • When a company sends you an interview request, you get upfront information about the role, including the tech stack, job specs, salary, and more. Make sure you go over this information again and note any questions you have.

  • You can click through to a company’s OfferZen profile to learn more about them, such as their company values, their mission, what the culture is like, and what perks they offer. It can be useful to reflect on how your skills and interests align with the company’s mission and culture.

  • Find a project, event or something similar that the company was involved in that you can speak to with passion. If you can prove you’re genuinely interested in what the company has been doing, it’s more likely you’ll progress in the process. \

Prepare any other questions:

  • Considering you’ll be interviewing the company too, it’s important to take note of any questions you have that will help you decide if it’s a suitable opportunity.

  • Have a look at the job description again, and any other information the hiring manager has given you. Find out if there are any elements in the role that are unclear and prepare to ask questions that will help you decide if the opportunity aligns with your job search priorities.

Prepare the space you’ll be in for the interview:

  • For phone and video calls, set up a space where you won’t be disturbed. For a video call, ensure you have a professional background that’s clear of clutter.

  • For in-person interviews, consider visiting the space beforehand to get comfortable with the environment. This will be difficult if it’ll be in the company’s offices, but you can map your travel route and check where to find parking to ensure you won’t be late or get lost.

Practise interview etiquette:

  • Make sure you can arrive earlier for the interview to avoid any unexpected delays.

  • Figure out what to wear. In researching the company, you should get an understanding of the dress code culture. If in doubt, dress more formally than casually.

  • Practise active listening with a friend, colleague, or your talent advisor. Showing that you’re actively listening can mean recalling details mentioned earlier and adapting it to the conversation.

  • Understand how you can create a lasting, positive impression; remembering the interviewer’s name, sitting upright and not crossing your arms, making eye contact, and coming across as humble, friendly and not overly-confident.

  • Your TA can help you practise for the interview if you are nervous or unsure of the impression you’re making – be sure to reach out to them for help!

Review your past experience:

  • Go through your CV and old projects to remind yourself of your previous experience.

  • Take down notes on any skills you’ve developed that will help you in this role. Your talent advisor can help you if you’re unsure which skills would be best to highlight.

  • Have some anecdotes or projects that could be relevant to the role ready to mention. Companies tend to ask candidates to tell them a story about how they handled a situation or contributed to a project in a meaningful way, and coming up with a story on the spot can be tricky, especially if you’re nervous.

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