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How do I accept or decline a job offer on OfferZen?
How do I accept or decline a job offer on OfferZen?
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Companies can extend their offer to you either over OfferZen or through other means of communication.

On OfferZen, you accept or decline an offer directly through communication with the company. Your talent advisor is on-hand to talk you through how best to do this and support your decision. Below are best practices:

Accepting an offer

Before you accept an offer, here are some things to consider:

  • Take your time evaluating all the options for your next career move – if you’re still in a few interview processes, try and expedite them so you can see all the offers available to you.

  • Don’t rush to accept the first offer that comes along, unless you are in an urgent situation with no other prospects.

  • Your TA can help you evaluate multiple options and figure out which one is best for you – even options that aren’t on the OfferZen platform. Reach out to them if you’re unsure.

  • Accepting an offer verbally or signing an employment contract is legally binding. If you go back on accepting the offer, it will be considered reneging on the offer. This is why it’s critical you thoroughly evaluate all your options before you accept.

When you've evaluated all your offers and decided which one you'd like to accept, send the hiring manager at that company an email in which you:

  • Thank them for the offer and express your excitement to join the team.

  • Confirm the start date, role title and remuneration amount.

  • Ask if there’s anything you can do to prepare and what the next steps will be.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you want to close the loop with the other companies you’ve connected with.

Declining an offer

It can be difficult to decline an offer because both you and the company have invested a lot of time and energy up to this point. Here are some tips to make sure you come across empathetic and professional:

  • Send them a message or arrange a phone call as soon as possible.

  • Express that you’re really grateful for the opportunity to interview and their offer.

  • Outline your reasons for not accepting the offer right now. Be as specific as possible, giving them relevant feedback.

  • Tell them that you really enjoyed meeting them and getting to know the company.

  • Note that if your circumstances change you’d like to get in touch in future.

  • End the message by wishing them the best in finding a great candidate.

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