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Should I add online courses I've done to my OfferZen profile?
Should I add online courses I've done to my OfferZen profile?
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It's great to hear that you've done some courses. You should definitely show this off on your profile! You can do this through adding your GitHub account and uploading your code and links. Or you can add the work you've done to your work history section of your profile or upload images.

 There are 2000+ companies on OfferZen and they're looking for a wide variety of experience and skills. 

Generally speaking, we're looking out for the following when we review applicants:

  • Wants to code as a major part of their job.

  • Is passionate about programming: involved in dev communities, constantly learning and producing code.

  • Strong education that involved applied programming or a great backstory of how you got into coding if you are self-taught.

  • Great work experience: worked in a professional environment in a team of developers and wrote lots of code.

To get an idea of what we're looking for in applicant profiles you can have a look at the following articles: Example Developer Profile and Create a kick ass developer profile.

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