Connect OfferZen to Ashby

Connect OfferZen to Ashby to hire software engineers

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You can manage your ATS integration by going to More > Integrations.

What you can expect after connecting with Ashby:

  • You will be able to link a position in OfferZen to the corresponding Ashby job.

  • Candidates will automatically be sent to the relevant job in Ashby when they accept your interview request on OfferZen.

  • As you move a candidate through the stages in your hiring process, the application stage syncs back and is displayed on OfferZen.

  • Your Account Manager will be able to see upcoming interviews scheduled with a candidate in Ashby to make collaboration even easier.

Follow these steps to see candidates in Ashby:

Configuring the Integration

Note: Only users with an Organization Admin role can create an API key.

Navigate to your Integrations page. You will find the link to the page under the 'More' menu in the main navigation. Click on the "Connect" button for Ashby. You will be prompted to create an API key on Ashby to enable the integration.

Creating the API key

  1. Sign in to Ashby and click Admin in the top navigation bar.

  2. Next, click β€œIntegrations” on the left panel of the screen.

Select OfferZen and click β€œCreate API Key For OfferZen”.

Finalising the integration

Return to the OfferZen integrations page and follow the steps to connect Ashby. Paste the API key into the text box when requested

πŸŽ‰ Awesome! Ashby is now integrated with OfferZen.

Next, follow these steps to link your OfferZen positions to the relevant Ashby jobs or get started by creating your first position.

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