What data can OfferZen read and write from my ATS?

Details about OfferZen’s access to your ATS data

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To connect to your ATS via the API, OfferZen uses a third-party service called Merge.dev. This integration grants OfferZen full access to your database of candidates in your ATS, however, your candidate data remains yours and we will not sync it back to OfferZen. This means we will only read and write data for candidates that you have found and connected with through OfferZen, and limited to any data we require to provide you with the best service.

Below is a list of the data we read or write from your ATS to make your ATS integration possible:

  • Users – We read all the users in the ATS to assign a verification admin. This is only applicable to Greenhouse and Lever.

  • Jobs – We read all the jobs in the ATS to enable you to import and/or link a job of your choosing.

  • Candidates – We send candidate data when an application is created from an interview request.

  • Applications – We create an application when a candidate accepts your interview request. We read the application stage and sync it to the corresponding interview request.

  • Attachments – We attach the candidate’s PDF profile to the application.

  • Interviews – [From 21 Feb 2023] We read interviews that have been scheduled for OfferZen applications. This information is only visible to OfferZen.

  • Scorecards – We currently do not read or write scorecard data.

  • Offers – We currently do not read or write offer data.

All of the above can be exemplified as follows:

You are looking to hire a developer through OfferZen. You create a position called Fullstack Engineer, which you have linked to your Fullstack Java Developer job in Recruitee. You find Andile and decide to send them an interview request for the Fullstack Engineer position. Since this position is linked to your ATS job, when Andile accepts your interview request, we will create Andile’s candidate record in Recruitee, with his OfferZen profile attached as PDF, as well as the corresponding application. As you move Andile through stages in your hiring process, the application stage syncs back to OfferZen’s interview request. As interviews between you and Andile are scheduled via your ATS, we will sync back this data so we can help you and Andile have a smooth process. Once your hiring process with Andile is finalised, we will read this information from your ATS so we can close the loop on our side too.

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