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Best hiring practices to be successful on OfferZen
Best hiring practices to be successful on OfferZen

Optimise how you hire software engineers on OfferZen with these tips

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Be human

Personalised, interesting employer profiles stand out to candidates. Moreover, many can spot a copy-pasted outreach message from a mile away. Personalising your outreach with one or two specific details can make all the difference.

Be transparent

Share as much upfront information as possible and showcase what your company does. It’s also helpful to manage expectations by being clear about your hiring process, the role, and its salary range.

Move fast

High-quality candidates can get snapped up quickly! To make sure you move fast:

  • Check the new batches every Monday and reach out to promising candidates earlier in the week

  • Respond to candidates as soon as possible

  • Communicate with your account manager

  • Collaborate with your team using team notes

Read more best practices on our developer hiring guide here.

Learn and improve

If you’re not succeeding as much as you had hoped, check your data. Monitor your hiring activity analytics and the performance of your positions to have an overview of how your hiring is going and where processes could shift or change. Talk to your Account Manager and get support in spotting opportunities for improvement.

Use positions

Your positions help us understand your hiring needs and provide candidates with upfront information on the role you are hiring for.

Set up your positions to find relevant candidates every week, and reach out to as many of them as possible to build a strong pipeline.

Candidates find positions useful for assessing whether a role is right for them, so make sure job specs are accurate and detailed.

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