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A run-down of what to expect when hiring on OfferZen

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OfferZen is a developer hiring marketplace helping 2000+ companies in Africa and Europe accelerate their software engineer hiring.

Candidates on the platform are curated for skill, and job-seeking intent before being made visible to companies.

Every Monday, a new batch of job-seeking software engineers is added to OfferZen. They will be active on the platform for a month, at which point their profile will no longer be visible to companies. This ensures that companies have a relevant, updated pool of job-seeking software engineers to hire from.

Find the right software engineers on OfferZen

You can optimise your searches on OfferZen by making use of our advanced search filters, which include skills, location, salary expectations, and work authorisations.

You can also set up positions, which allow you to refine your requirements, power your search, collaborate better with your team, and streamline your hiring.

Software engineers’ profiles are standardised and completed with the help of a Talent Advisor, so it’s easy to quickly find the information you’re looking for.

Contact candidates on OfferZen

Send requests directly to candidates on the OfferZen platform. Candidates are encouraged to respond within 48 hours.

Collaboration on OfferZen

Our notes feature allows an unlimited number of team members to collaborate seamlessly with comments on developer profiles, notes from interviews, and more.

Your Account Manager is also there to help guide your hiring process, flag candidates that are good matches and gather data to optimise your hiring.

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