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What makes job searching on OfferZen different?
What makes job searching on OfferZen different?
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OfferZen is a specialised developer job platform, designed to help you choose your next, best job opportunity.

When job searching on the platform, we promise the following:

  • Upfront role and salary info: Companies reach out to you with everything you need to know about the role, including salary and perks, so you can make informed choices about who you want to interview with.

  • Expert career advice: You get a dedicated career coach who can provide dev job market insights, and will help you benchmark your salary and prepare for every step of the interview process.

  • A variety of opportunities: More than 2000 companies use OfferZen to hire developers, from startups to tech giants. Companies have detailed profiles, and reach out to you directly.

  • Complete control of your search: You’re always in control of your job search. You are always able to hide your profile from past or current employers, turn down interviews and do what works best for you.

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Bonus: When you land a job through us, we’ll send you some pretty sweet swag! 😉

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