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What happens after I get accepted on OfferZen?
What happens after I get accepted on OfferZen?

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After you’re accepted you’ll be asked to add a couple more details to your profile, then let your Talent Advisor — your dedicated career coach – know when you're ready to be seen by companies. Your Talent Advisor is an expert at helping developers find jobs and will share insights to help you improve your profile, prepare for interviews and negotiate offers.

Once your profile is ready, you will become visible to companies hiring on the platform.

Companies will be able to see your profile for 28 days. We do this to ensure companies that are actively hiring are matched to developers who are currently looking for a job, so that both can move quickly through the interview process.

If a company is interested in you, they will send you an interview request, which includes upfront role, tech stack, perk and salary info. You can then choose to accept or decline the invitation to interview.

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