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How to manage messages with candidates on OfferZen

Here's how to get an overview of messages sent on OfferZen

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By clicking Messages on the navigation tab, you will be able to filter messages by:

  • Team Member

  • Position

  • Read status

  • Interview status, including:

    • Pending

    • Accepted

    • Interviewing

    • Technical screening

    • Extending offer

    • Hired

    • Declined

    • Rejected

From this view, you can also access archived messages.

When is a message thread archived?

If a candidate is no longer available because they have accepted an offer from another company, or they have paused their job search, the message thread is automatically archived.

Your team can also manually archive an message thread.

Note: If a candidate you reached out to in the past sends you a message, the message thread will be automatically unarchived and be visible in the list again.

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