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How to manage individual messages with candidates

How to manage the details of your communication with candidates

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You can access every message you send from the Messages view. You can also view and download the profile of the candidates you’ve reached out to.

Note: After 3 months of a request being sent, personal details and actions are hidden. If the candidate’s profile becomes visible on the platform again, their details will be visible once more.

You can see the following message details:

  • Who sent it

  • When it was sent

  • Salary

  • Position

  • Location

  • Remote policy

You can also see and update the status of the hiring process from the following options:

  • Pending

  • Accepted

  • Interviewing

  • Technical screening

  • Extending offer

  • Hired

  • Declined

  • Rejected

To make collaboration with your team easier, you can add team notes that both your team and your Account Manager can see.

This view also allows you to:

Remember, responsiveness should be a priority when hiring. Stay in touch with the candidate throughout your hiring process – even when you don’t have an update! A candidate knowing that you’re thinking of them can make all the difference.

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