What is a talent advisor?

Find out more about how a talent advisor helps you in your job search

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A Talent Advisor is a REAL person who is part of the OfferZen team and gets paired with a developer to help them with their job search.

Talent Advisors don't earn commission and their help is completely free. You can think of them as a job search buddy that has your best interests at heart.

What does a Talent Advisor do?

As your job search buddy, your Talent Advisor can:

  • Help you polish your profile so that it accurately and clearly showcases your skills to hiring companies

  • Share industry data to help you negotiate for a competitive salary

  • Do interview coaching, including preparation, mock interviews, and debriefs, to help you successfully navigate the interview process

  • Provide relocation assistance

  • Coach you through difficult situations, such as resignations, choosing between two or more different offers, and salary negotiations

  • Cheer you on along every step of the way!

Who gets a Talent Advisor?

Every developer accepted to the OfferZen platform is assigned a Talent Advisor.

How much do Talent Advisors cost?

Talent Advisors are a free service for developers who have been accepted on OfferZen.

Do Talent Advisors receive commission?

OfferZen’s Talent Advisors do not receive commission for successful hires: They are salaried employees, like everyone else at OfferZen. This means that they can focus on helping developers find the right job for them – even if that job isn’t found through the OfferZen platform.

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