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Connect OfferZen to Greenhouse to hire software engineers

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On 21 February 2023, OfferZen launched an upgraded integration with Greenhouse, set to replace the previous integration. Note that connecting to the new integration will result in automatic disconnection from the current integration.

You can manage your ATS integration by going to More > Integrations.

What you can expect after connecting with Greenhouse:

  • You will be able to link a position in OfferZen to the corresponding Greenhouse job.

  • Candidates will automatically be sent to the relevant job in Greenhouse when they accept your interview request on OfferZen.

  • As you move a candidate through the stages in your hiring process, the application stage syncs back and is displayed on OfferZen.

  • Your Account Manager will be able to see upcoming interviews scheduled with a candidate in Greenhouse to make collaboration even easier.

Follow these steps to see candidates in Greenhouse:

As a security measure, a verification admin for your Greenhouse integration will be assigned automatically. Learn more here.

Configuring the Integration

Note: Only users with developer permissions can create an API key in the Dev Center.

Navigate to your Integrations page. You will find the link to the page under the 'More' menu in the main navigation.

Click on the "Connect" button for Greenhouse. You will be prompted to create an API key on Greenhouse to enable the integration.

Creating the API key

  1. Sign in to Greenhouse and click the Configure (Settings) Icon on the upper right-hand corner of any page.

  2. Next, click β€œDev Center” in the left menu.

  3. Select "API Credential Management".

  4. Click the "Create New API Key" button.

  5. Select "Harvest" for the API Type. Enter a description for the API key and click "Manage Permissions".

  6. Click the "Copy" button, and paste the API key below. Next, click "I have stored the API key".

    Please note: you will not be able to copy this API Key again, so please store it somewhere safe!

  7. Select your permissions. Click "Select All".

Finalising the integration

Return to the OfferZen integrations page and follow the steps to connect Greenhouse. Paste the API key into the text box when requested.

πŸŽ‰ Awesome! Greenhouse is now integrated with OfferZen.

Next, follow these steps to link your OfferZen positions to the relevant Greenhouse jobs or get started by creating your first position.

Verification Admin

As a security measure, Greenhouse associates the OfferZen ATS integration with a Greenhouse site admin. Think of the verification admin as a reference that lets Greenhouse know that the integration can be trusted. Just like you would check references on a CV.

The assigned person does not have any responsibilities or special access in OfferZen. They will receive an email to inform them of the assignment and no action will be required of them.

Note: If the verification admin's role in Greenhouse is changed or any of their permissions removed the ATS integration with OfferZen would fail.

Will the ATS integration work for my whole team?

Yes. Verification admin assignment is part of ATS integration setup for Greenhouse and will ensure that the integration works as intended for all team members sending interview requests on OfferZen.

Can the verification admin be changed?

If you would like to assign someone else as the verification admin in Greenhouse please reach out to your Account Manager.

Verification admin attribution in Greenhouse

The verification admin will be mentioned in a note when a candidate is sent to Greenhouse via the OfferZen ATS integration.

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