What is an Account Manager?

Learn more about what an Account Manager does and how they can help level-up your developer hiring

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An Account Manager is a person who is part of the OfferZen team and gets paired with a company to help them get the most out of their hiring journey on OfferZen.

Account Managers’ services are completely free – you can think of them as your helpful hiring buddy and OfferZen guide.

What does an Account Manager do?

They help hiring teams on OfferZen:

  • Become experts at using the OfferZen platform

  • Create stand-out company profiles that attract developers

  • With valuable insights into industry data and trends to improve candidate experience and make competitive offers.

  • With hiring advice and support, including identifying opportunities to streamline hiring processes

  • Identify opportunities to save money through our OfferZen Partner bundles

Check out this guide to collaborating effectively with your Account Manager.

Who gets an Account Manager?

All companies hiring on OfferZen are assigned an Account Manager. Every member of your team can communicate and request support from your dedicated Account Manager.

How much do Account Managers cost?

Account Managers’ services are free for companies hiring on OfferZen.

Do Account Managers earn commission?

Account Managers do not earn commission per hire. This is so that they can focus on the overall success of the companies they work with, rather than feeling like they need to push through hires that might not be 100% suitable.

Account Managers do, however, receive a commission for partnership sales. These deals allow companies to save on the cost per hire, while the AM's goal remains unchanged: Helping companies achieve their holistic hiring goals through OfferZen.

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