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OfferZen Referral Program FAQs
OfferZen Referral Program FAQs
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How does the referral program work?

There are two ways to earn rewards by helping companies hire great developers:

  • Referring developers: You can refer up to 5 friends to join OfferZen. If any of them get a job through us then you will receive a referral bonus of €500 in Europe or R5000 in South Africa.

  • Referring companies: You can also invite a company to hire via OfferZen. You'll get an OfferZen shirt for the first lead we get from a company using your code, and a big swag pack for the first 5 leads. If one of your company leads becomes a subscription company, then you’ll receive a referral bonus of R10k for any South African company or €1337 for a European company.

How do I refer someone?

There are two ways to refer someone:

  • Referral dashboard (only for developers): Enter their email address on your referral dashboard and we will send them an email inviting them to join.

  • Referral link: Share your personal referral link (also on the referral dashboard) on whichever platform you choose.

Who should I refer?

You can refer developers like yourself, whose job search would benefit from getting upfront role, salary, tech stack and perk information from legit companies.

You can refer companies who are actively hiring South African developers and could use help to find top developers.

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer up to 5 developers and an unlimited number of companies to join OfferZen.

How will I know if my friend gets a job?

We will send you an email once your referral signs up to OfferZen and then again when they get a job or sign a subscription!

How do I receive my referral bonus?

We will send you an email requesting your details and will send the swag or money directly into your bank account within 2 weeks.

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