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Connect OfferZen to Breezy
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What you can expect after connecting with Breezy:

  1. You will be able to link a position in OfferZen to the corresponding Breezy job.

  2. Candidates will automatically be sent to the relevant job in Breezy when they accept your interview request on OfferZen.

  3. As you move a candidate through the stages in your hiring process, the application stage syncs back and is displayed on OfferZen.

Connecting to OfferZen:

Find the OfferZen Integrations page by logging into your OfferZen account, clicking More on the navigation bar, and then Integrations.

Click on the Connect button for Breezy.

Follow the prompts on the page, and enter your username and password. Click finalise to complete the connection.

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