How to prepare for your new job
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What to expect on OfferZen:

Communication with your TA doesn’t just stop once you have received and signed an offer.

Your TA is there to guide you through resigning from your current position, including getting the notice period right and managing expectations. As this can also be quite an emotional experience, your TA is also there to provide support.

Once you have resigned from your current position, your TA is still available if you have any questions or concerns. They’ll reach out to you about two weeks before you start your new job to make sure everything is in order – feel free to tell them what you’re nervous (or excited!) about.

Tips on preparing for a new job:

Ensure you have received and signed your official employment contract, not just the offer letter.

Make sure you don’t mentally “check out” of your current position. Do your best to ensure a seamless handover and continue your good work ethic. This ensures you’ll have a good relationship with your previous employer for future references or potential future opportunities.

It can often be helpful to reach out to companies and ask if there is anything you can do to get a head start on your onboarding, or whether there’s anything you should know before starting.

Understand that this is a big change. It takes most individuals 3-6 months to fully settle into their new position and start performing optimally. Be patient with yourself and communicate with the company or managers about expectations, performance reviews, and resources you can use to get yourself settled.

Your talent advisor will check in with you in the first month of your new job, and you’re also welcome to reach out to them if you’re struggling to adapt or could use some advice – they’re happy to help!

Mostly: Go in with an open mind and be ready to learn. You're starting a new adventure, and that’s exciting!

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