Benefits of having an ATS connected to OfferZen
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OfferZen can connect with a wide range of ATSs. When you connect your ATS to OfferZen, you can typically expect:

  • You will be able to link a position in OfferZen to the corresponding job in the ATS

  • Candidates will automatically be sent to the relevant job in the ATS when they accept your interview request on OfferZen

  • As you move a candidate through the stages in your hiring process, the application stage syncs back and is displayed on OfferZen

  • Your Account Manager will be able to see upcoming interviews scheduled with a candidate in the ATS to make collaboration even easier

Connecting your ATS to OfferZen can save time and remove the mindshare or double work that sometimes comes from working across multiple platforms. With the connection, everything is in one place.

Candidate experience typically improves as a result of ATS connection, since it gives you more time and ways to communicate with the candidate about where they are in the hiring process.

Check out our guides for connecting ATSs to OfferZen.

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