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Beta program for pay-per-hire companies
Beta program for pay-per-hire companies

Limited time access for pay-per-hire companies to get direct applications on OfferZen

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What is this program?

For a limited time all companies (including pay-per-hire) on OfferZen will have access to publishing their positions while the feature is in Beta. Publishing a position means that curated candidates on OfferZen will be able to see and apply directly to the job listing.

Why are we doing this?

We believe this could help companies upgrade their hiring experience and enable them to build their dream tech team even faster.

However, in order to do that we need as many companies to use and experience the feature so we can use your feedback to make it as seamless as possible.

👉 If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us please get in touch with your Account Manager via email.

How is this valuable to you?

  1. Inbound applications are better quality when compared to job boards because developers are curated before joining OfferZen.

  2. It saves you time on having to source candidates.

  3. It gives you control in that you can choose which positions to publish and which to not.

  4. It’s free and you can publish an unlimited amount of positions while in Beta!

  5. Our standard pay-per-hire fee applies only when you make a hire.

What happens after the Beta program ends?

If you are on a pay-per-hire plan you will still have access to any pending applications that you may have from candidates. However, your published positions will be unpublished and you won’t be able to receive any new applications from candidates.

Companies on the Unlimited Subscription plan will continue to have access to the full feature even after it’s out of Beta.

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