Signing up for OfferZen is free. Once your account has been activated, your hiring team gets access to an Account Manager (no extra charge) who is there to help you every step of the way in your hiring process.

When you are ready to make a hire, you can choose between two payment plans:

Pay per hire:

  • We charge a success fee once you’ve hired someone through OfferZen, which is 12.5% of the candidate’s first year cost-to-company/gross annual salary.


  • If you foresee hiring 3+ people in 12 months, becoming an OfferZen Partner is the most cost-effective way to hire on OfferZen.

  • It's an annual subscription tailored to your company’s hiring needs, where you pay upfront and can make up to a certain number of hires in that period.

  • Once you have access to OfferZen, you can talk about becoming an OfferZen Partner with your Account Manager.

If you haven't seen it already, here's a link to our terms.

Interested? Get free access to OfferZen here.

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