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Create a position on OfferZen

Find and hire candidates faster using positions

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Hiring talent on OfferZen becomes almost effortless when using positions. Positions represent the roles you’re looking to fill and allow you to do the following:

  • Save your requirements – define your position’s requirements to inform your hiring needs so we can help you find suitable candidates.

  • Reach out to candidates quickly with high-quality messages – write or attach a description of each role and create a message template to easily connect with candidates.

  • Collaborate with your team – use positions to favourite and easily share candidates you're interested in for a specific position with your hiring team.

  • Manage your hiring pipeline – use your positions dashboard to see a snapshot of the hiring pipeline for each of your active positions and easily action what's most important.

  • Gain access to position analytics – track key metrics for the requests you've sent, including the number of candidates you've reached out to and your acceptance rate.

  • Receive weekly alerts for new matches – define the hiring team for each of your positions and receive weekly alerts on new candidates that match your search criteria so that relevant talent is even easier to find.

  • Send candidates to your ATS – link your positions with the jobs created in your ATS and we’ll automatically send those applications to your ATS when the candidate accepts your interview request.

  • Make your position visible to candidates – Make your position discoverable by candidates so that they can apply directly. Note, this feature is only available to companies with an OfferZen subscription.

How to open a position

You should create a position for each unique role you're hiring for.

  1. Log in

  2. Click Positions

  3. Click Add position

When setting up a position you can:

  • Make a position visible to candidates: Publish your position to make it discoverable by candidates so that they can apply directly. Note, this feature is only available to companies with an OfferZen subscription.

  • Import a job from your ATS as a position – pick the ATS job from the dropdown list that you want to link to the position.

  • Specify basic information and add a job description – name your position and specify how many vacancies you'd like to fill. Candidates will see the name of the position when you reach out to them. Write a role description or attach a job spec to give candidates more information on what your position entails.

  • Define your position requirements – specify role, skills, experience, remote policy, locations, work authorisation, employment type, salary bracket, and languages. These requirements will be used to create a default saved search, which you can use to find candidates that match your requirements for the position.

  • Set up a message template – craft a message to reuse when you reach out to candidates for that position. A good message will get candidates excited about the opportunity. See an example of a strong message here.

  • Define your hiring team – select the team members who will collaborate on your position. They will be alerted when new candidates match the search criteria you defined.

You can always edit your positions later from the positions dashboard via the 3-dots menu.

Who will be able to see my position information?

Your position will not appear on your OfferZen profile or be visible to candidates unless you select the option to make it visible.

If the position is not visible to candidates, candidates will only see the name and description/job spec of your position once they receive a message from you.

If you choose to make your position visible, live, curated candidates on OfferZen will be able to view the position and apply to it directly. Note, this feature is only available to companies with an OfferZen unlimited subscription.

How do I reach out to a candidate using a position?

From the positions sidebar on the left-hand side of the candidate list, click on the position you'd like to find candidates for and look through the resulting list of matches. When you’ve found someone you're interested in, click on their profile to view more information.

When viewing a profile from a position search, the position is automatically selected in the message form. If you've created a template message for your position, it will be pre-populated for you. Similarly, if your position includes a job spec or role description, the candidate will receive it along with your message.

When using a custom search to find candidates, you will need to manually select your position when reaching out to a candidate you're interested in.

Find out more about reaching out to candidates here.

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