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How to go through candidates' profiles on OfferZen
How to go through candidates' profiles on OfferZen

Explore detailed candidate profiles on OfferZen

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Every profile on OfferZen includes structured profiles so it’s easy to navigate and spot relevant information.

Candidates on OfferZen build their profiles together with their Talent Advisor, who ensures that every useful detail for you is included.

Note: You can download the profiles you see on OfferZen as PDF files by clicking on the Download button on a candidate profile.

Candidates’ profiles on OfferZen include:

  • Years of experience

  • Preferred salary, with currency conversion when applicable

  • Online profiles

  • Locations and work authorisation status

    • Candidates specify where they are based, where they would like to work, and what their work authorisation is for those countries.

  • Ideal next job

    • Candidates clarify what they are looking for in their next role, including the kind of company and team they would like to join, the tech stack they would like to work with, their notice period if they have one, and their language skills.

  • Work experience

    • Candidates specify their work experience, which includes skills applied per role, their responsibilities, and their recent projects.

  • Education

    • Candidates specify their education, which can include online courses and certifications

  • Top skills

  • Desired roles

    • Candidates select the roles they wish to be hired for, and include the years of experience they have in them.

  • About section

    • Candidates can add here any details they want about themselves, such as their hobbies, their side projects, or other facts that could be helpful in the interviewing process.

  • Projects

    • Candidates can include information about projects they have worked on to showcase their experience.

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