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How to navigate search results, highlights, and candidate cards

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Candidate profile information that matches your search criteria is highlighted in blue so that you can easily spot how candidates match your search.

There are 2 ways in which highlighting works: ‘In-card’ highlights and Snippets and Matching terms.

‘In-card’ highlighting happens when the information that matches your search is visible in the standard card content. In this case, highlighting is applied directly to the information as it appears on the card. ‘In-card’ highlighting applies to:

  • Candidate’s name

  • Candidate’s current location

  • Citizenship and work authorisation countries

  • Logline

  • Roles

  • Company name in work experience

  • Skills in work experience

  • Job title in work experience

  • Name of university/school in education

  • Name of degree/diploma in education

Snippets and matching terms happen when the information that matches your search is not visible in the standard card content. In this case, the matching information is pulled from the candidate’s profile and added to the card, below the candidate’s education.

For free-text sections of a candidate’s profile, Snippets of the matching content are extracted and labeled with the section they are extracted from.

Note: In the case that a section matches multiple terms of your search in different places, only the first matching snippet in that section is shown.

Snippets apply to:

  • Description of citizenship and work authorisation

  • Ideal next job

  • Description of work experience

  • About

For structured information in a candidate’s profile, Matching terms are extracted and grouped under the label More keyword matches in the profile.

Matching terms apply to:

  • Work permits and visas

  • Education

  • Top skills

Partial matches

We don't want you to miss out on candidates that fall just outside of the criteria you set, so your search results will include candidates that match some but not all of your criteria.

This means that your search results will also include candidates who:

  • Are located in an area nearby the locations you’re searching in

  • Have years of experience which fall into one bracket below and all brackets above the experience range you have specified

  • Have salary expectations below the salary bracket you have specified, or up to R10K/ €10K above it

These candidates will display a partial match banner with the list of criteria they don’t match.

If your search results return only partial matches, you’ll see a message at the top indicating as such.

New this week

The newest candidates on OfferZen are marked with a green chip in the top right corner of their card that says "New this week".

Last week available

Candidates who only have one week left on the platform are marked with a grey chip in the top right corner of their card that says "Last week available".

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