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How are developers added on OfferZen?
How are developers added on OfferZen?

Discover how OfferZen finds and curates every developer on the platform

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OfferZen’s developer community

Over the past 7 years, OfferZen has built an active community of over 100 000 software engineers, data scientists, and more.

We have grown this community through multiple channels, like sponsoring and hosting tech industry events, our blog that invites community contributions, and our mentorship programs for junior software engineers.

Candidate curation process

Over 5000 candidates apply to be on OfferZen every month. Our AI-assisted curation team checks applications for relevant skills, experience, and job-seeking intent.

Approximately 1400 candidates are accepted to OfferZen every month.

From there, candidates meet with their Talent Advisor. The Talent Advisor confirms that the candidate intends to change jobs soon and helps them make sure their profile is accurate, detailed, and easy to read. They also advise candidates throughout the interview process and work with Account Managers to make sure both the company and the candidate experience a smooth hiring process.

When do candidates become visible to companies?

New candidates become visible to companies every Monday. This means that companies can view their profiles and candidates can receive direct messages from companies.

Candidates are visible for 28 days, after which their profile stops being visible to companies. This ensures that companies have a relevant, up-to-date pool of job-seeking candidates to hire from. It also streamlines the hiring process, as companies need only dedicate time to finding candidates once a week, without fear of missing out on the best talent.

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