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How OfferZen uses AI to auto-complete company profiles
How OfferZen uses AI to auto-complete company profiles

More about how we use AI technology to make it easier to set up a company profile

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Why is it important to have an up-to-date company profile on OfferZen?

A good company profile helps you stand out when reaching our to candidates on OfferZen. It is one of the first things that candidates look at when you send them a message. It helps you showcase your brand and give candidates more information about why you might be a great match for them. Read more about creating a stand out profile here.

How does OfferZen source information to auto create your company profile?

To make the process of creating a company profile less time consuming for our customers, we use a combination of OpenAI and Clearbit Enrichment technologies.

Our auto-generated profiles consist of three main parts:

  • About: Website, address and company size is populated by Clearbit Enrichment

  • Summary: We use the company description provided by Clearbit and use OpenAI to create a well-written summary containing the following sections:

    • What we do

    • Why work for us

    • Our culture

    • Our engineering process

    • Our hiring process

  • Company logo: Clearbit Enrichment retrieves the company's logo, ensuring a consistent brand presence on the profile.

You are able to remove or edit any of this information once the profile is generated.


More information about the technologies that we use:

  1. OpenAI technology:

    • OpenAI is an artificial intelligence system specialised in understanding and generating meaningful content.

    • We use OpenAI to create concise summaries of companies based on data we get from Clearbit Enrichment.

  2. Clearbit Enrichment:

    • Clearbit Enrichment is a powerful tool that gathers comprehensive company information globally.

    • By integrating Clearbit's API, we can source company data like website, industry, company size and location.

    • Clearbit Enrichment's privacy practices and data sources can be viewed here.

  3. Data accuracy and trust:

    • Open AI does not store any of the above-mentioned company data about your company and is simply used as language processing tool to help us create a well written summary to showcase your brand. OfferZen does not allow OpenAI to use this data for training its models.

    • Companies are encouraged to verify the data on their auto created profile for accuracy and generally enhance their profile.

    • Companies always have the right to remove and correct data on their profile.

    • OfferZen only uses the data from Clearbit Enrichment to auto create a company profile and shares only this data with OpenAI for summary creation.

    • OfferZen does not share data provided by companies to OfferZen with OpenAI or Clearbit Enrichment for any other purpose and does not sell company data to any person. For more information about how OfferZen treats data, please visit our privacy centre.

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